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Janet | Personal Injury Client

I feel that Mr. Bressler has set the bar very high in regards to being very caring, helpful, prompt, and knowledgeable….. ALL of the staff meets these standards. Their teamwork approach works very well. I had an issue with “diminished value” on my car read more

Audley McLeod | Orlando, FL

I am extremely relieved that this matter has been concluded; reason prevailed. Again, I thank you for bringing your very outstanding professional skills to bear on the results. read more

Timothy and Susan Loftus | Morganville, NJ

This letter is to show our appreciation for the professional effort and courteous service you provided for us during our intensely personal and lengthy suit. All contact that I had with you and your support staff was professional and courteous. read more

Naomi Graves | Auto Accident Client

I am extremely grateful that I chose you to be my attorney to represent me in my auto accident lawsuit. You and your team did an outstanding job. You were so efficient and precise. I was read more

Sylvia Parker | Sanford, FL

Just a brief note to thank you for all you are doing. There is so much stress involved with all the appointments for therapy and many doctors, that it has been a trementous burden lifter to have you to sort out the bills and legal matters. Just read more

Wanda | Auto Accident Client

It is with pleasure that I write this testimonial on behalf of Attorney Brett Bressler. Over two years ago my daughter and I were involved in an auto accident with a major lawn read more

Norris Adams | Apopka, FL

Accidents do happen, especially car accidents and yes there is a lot of stress and pain behind it all. Yes my name is Norris Adams and I was involved in a car accident and was introduced to Brett Bressler whom read more