Results– Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

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Loss of Consciousness Recovered $500,000

Our client as traveling through an intersection of Westmonte Drive in Altamonte Springs when another vehicle traveling the opposite direction attempted a left turn causing a collision between the two vehicles.  Our client lost consciousness, had to be cut out of the vehicle and was flown by helicopter to Orlando Regional Medical Center.  She was diagnosed with a closed head injury with a cerebral concussion and interhemispheric subarachnoid hemorrhage, right midshaft humerus fracture, diplopia secondary to cranial nerves IV left eye palsy and a 9 cm scalp laceration.  We were able to recover the full $500,000.00 policy limit for our client to compensate her for her injuries.

Commerical Truck Accident recovers $240,000

Our client was a trainee to become a commercial truck driver.  He was asleep in the back of a tractor-trailer while another driver was driving the tractor-trailer in a remote area of Texas.  The driver was traveling too fast for conditions and lost control and crashed and overturned.  Our client was unrestrained and suffered a comminuted (burst) fracture of C4 and underwent a C4 corpectomy with arthrodesis with mesh cage, autologous bone plus bank bone and stabilization with plating.  We were able to recover $240,000.00 for our client and a waiver of the workers’ compensation lien.

$100,000 Settlement Obtained for Family of Autistic Boy

A ten-year-old autistic boy was outside of his house with his babysitter at an ice cream truck parked across the street from his house.  All of the sudden he darted out into the street and was struck by a car.  He suffered a severe laceration to his head, internal bleeding, and bruising on his arm, legs, and abdomen.  He was transported by ambulance to a children’s hospital where he was admitted for three nights. The driver was a 17-year-old kid from the neighborhood.  We heard that this driver had been speeding and we obtained 911 tapes of two neighbors that had called the police reporting this boy who was speeding.  We took expert photographs of the street where children were present which demonstrated a need for drivers to drive below the speed limit.  Our quick demand to the insurance company with the results of our investigation resulted in us obtaining a $100,000.00 settlement for our client within thirty days.  We also established a pooled trust to preserve our clients Medicaid benefits which were critical for the family.

Disputed Liability Case Leads to Full Recovery for Client – $80,000

Our client was a passenger on a motor scooter that was sideswiped by a commercial truck causing an accident.  Our client was ejected from the scooter and landed on her left side and head.  She was not wearing a helmet and a helmet was not required by state law. Our client suffered a mild brain injury which we were able to prove even though her diagnostic studies were negative.  We were successful in recovering $80,000 for our client to compensate her for her injuries.

This is an example of a serious accident on I-4.  Here, our client was traveling on I-4 and was struck in the rear by an inattentive driver.  The impact caused our client’s BMW to spin out of control and strike the guardrail.  The driver who caused this accident had $50,000.00 in bodily injury liability insurance, and we were successful in recovering the full $50,000.00 policy limit for our client.