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The end result of most cases is a settlement for the client. If a favorable settlement is obtained, it is the goal of this law firm to maximize the client’s net recovery.

Since most cases settle, it is important that your attorney strives to obtain a favorable net settlement, meaning the client’s portion of the settlement. We strive to maximize our client’s net recovery. In doing so, some of the important tasks are to negotiate medical bills and medical liens, and keep our cost as low as possible so that our client has the highest possible net settlement.

Many people focus on the total amount of the settlement which is important. However, the amount that the client receives is the most important aspect to any settlement. Therefore, an important part of the work we perform takes place at the end of the case in obtaining the settlement and negotiating medical bills.

Prior to any settlement negotiations, the client is always consulted regarding settlement strategy, and the amount of outstanding medical bills and costs so that the client has a fair estimate of their potential net settlement.

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