Shahrzad S|LLC Real Estate Broker & Owner Orlando, FL

You can find many personal injury attorneys in town. Brett is different. With Brett, you not only get an excellent attorney, but also a truly caring person who cares for your well being and will work the hardest at it. I hired Brett about 11 years ago to represent me in a personal injury case. He handled my case with great diligence and thoroughness, which ended in a very successful financial settlement in my legal suit. Also as a professional, I found him to have excellent communication and analytical skills, which contributed greatly to the success outcome of my case. Apart from his excellent professional skills, what impressed me the most about Brett is how caring and kind he is with his clients, his employees and the people he comes in contact with. This human quality in him brings out complete trust and loyalty in people who have the good fortune of knowing him. You can see that in the low turnover his employees have and how genuinely they care for him. You can see that in the level of his colleagues’ respect for him. Also, you can see that in his clients’ behavior who after one experience becomes his loyal advocates. I recommend Brett to everyone, including my own mother who needed an attorney last year and hired him. Once again he brought forth a very successful settlement in her lawsuit. I also recommended Brett to one of my friends who had a very unfortunate accident. She ended up hiring one of the big names in town and not Brett. After the fact and despite her decision not to hire him, Brett called me to relay some important forensic information that had been missed and would have affected the outcome of her case. That, I call true care and you will not find it easily.