Vehicle Repairs/Diminution in Value

Repairing Your Vehicle / Loss in Value

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Other Important Information:

If your car is damaged in an accident, you will want to make sure that you receive the best quality repair. The selection of a body shop is critically important to make sure that the repairs to your vehicle are done properly and promptly. Brett M. Bressler, P.A. can refer you to a body shop that has proven to be a reputable shop. Please call Brett Bressler for a referral to an excellent body shop in your area.

If you car has been damaged in an accident, it may have suffered a loss in resale value which is also known as diminution in value. Separate claim against the insurer of the at-fault party can be made for loss in value in addition to the cost to repair of your vehicle. Brett M. Bressler, P.A can represent you in a claim for diminution in value.

Diminution in value means loss in monetary value of a vehicle after it is repaired following an accident. Owners cannot sell their vehicles for as much money as the owner of the same vehicle that is accident-free. As the owner of a vehicle which suffers a diminution in value, you are entitled to recover an amount representing the loss in value.

The value of your claim is based on several factors:

  • Amount of damage compared to the value of the vehicle
  • Value of the vehicle in pre accident condition
  • Any Frame damage
  • Year, Make, and Model
  • Quality of repair