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My Loved One Was Killed by Negligence

What is wrongful death? The term refers to death which was the fault of another party, whether intentional or unintentional. When there is a “wrongful death,” the estate of the decedent is then able to file a lawsuit, seeking compensation for financial and emotional losses, loss of life, and accountability for those responsible.   Common […]

I Was In A Serious Accident and It Changed My Life Forever – What Now?

Catastrophic injury refers to an injury which debilitates or seriously impacts their quality of life long-term. These incidents could include brain or spinal cord injuries, severe head trauma, blindness, serious burns, back injury, organ damage, or amputations.   Injuries of this type can be overwhelming. The person is usually left unable to perform daily tasks, […]

Accident Left You Injured? Read This.

You were physically injured, and it wasn’t your fault. You have medical bills, and maybe haven’t been able to work in a little while. You have questions: Who do I contact about this? Should I file a lawsuit? Do I have a case?   Considering there are many factors that go into determining whether you […]