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It is to your advantage to consult with an experienced lawyer as soon as possible after an accident.  An experienced lawyer can give you the advice you need that cannot be provided by an insurance adjuster or a law firm case manager or intake person.

The most common issues for auto accident victims are regarding their vehicle and medical treatment.  We can help with both issues.

More important is having a point of contact who you can rely on to guide you through the process to protect you and preserve your legal rights.  We are here to help you and your family.

The insurance companies protect their interests.  We will protect your interests.

As a personal note, I get great satisfaction from helping people in need. I have been a lawyer for more than thirty years, and I have investigated and represented hundreds of people and families in accident cases.

Beyond happy with my results thanks to Brett, Maria and the team. Great firm, professional and compassionate. Could not be happier that I picked up the phone and called them out of the several firms I was considering. Highly recommend.”

Julia Sears

Here are some of the things we will do for you:

  1. Verify all insurance benefits and coordinate payments
  2. Submit claims for loss of income (wage loss) and payment of medical bills
  3. Recommend auto body shops for repair
  4. Obtain high quality photographs of the accident scene and vehicle to help prove your case
  5. Recommend doctors who will not require cash payments up front for medical care
  6. Investigate the case to prove fault
  7. Communicate with the insurance companies on your behalf
  8. Listen to you and accept your call

What to do if you are in an Auto Accident?

Call the police and get a police report.

Law enforcement will document that an accident occurred, demand insurance information from the responsible parties, and may be needed to testify in court as to a variety of important matters. A well prepared report documents the event, and gives important basic information that is kept as a permanent record.

Take many pictures of the scene of the accident.

Photographs help tell the story. Photographs of skid marks, damage to vehicles, injuries, etc. can only be made at one time. If not photographs are made, this opportunity may be forever lost.

Get the names and contact information of all witnesses.

The police do not always get the names and contact information for all witnesses. People who saw the accident or were present at the scene can give invaluable testimony.

Get medical treatment to document your injuries.

The longer you wait to get medical treatment, the less likely an insurance adjuster will believe that the victim suffered an injury in an accident. Under Florida law, PIP will not pay for any treatment rendered after 14 days following the accident.

What is the benefit of calling an Attorney?

Most clients that retain my office need help with a variety of issues because they are not prepared to handle the stress and dynamics of dealing with insurance companies on their own. When we represent a client, it is our goal that the client feel like the burden of the accident is lifted off their shoulders.

We accept the responsibility to work as an advocate for our client. In other words, we deal with the hassles and eliminate the stress of being the victim of a traumatic car accident.

We protect our clients by getting all insurance benefits to which they are entitled, from proper repair of their car, to making sure their medical bills and wages are paid, to seeking a settlement to fully compensate our client for damages.


Here are some excellent examples of how we typically help our clients:

The Insurance Adjuster is not returning my calls, has not admitted liability, authorized a rental car or repairs.

We communicate with the insurance company for you. We facilitate the things that you need to happen such as getting a rental car, wages and medical bills paid, and advocating on your behalf.

The insurance company wants me to sign documents, and I do not understand them and I am afraid to make a mistake.

We review documents and help you prepare responses so that you do not make a mistake.

The insurance company wants to take a recorded statement from me.

You are only required to give a recorded statement under limited circumstances. If it is necessary or beneficial to give a recorded statement, we prepare you to give the statement and are with you when you give the statement.

The insurance company claims that I am partially at fault for the accident and will not pay the full cost of the repair to my car.

We investigate the accident and make our own determination of fault based on the facts of the case. Even it you are partially at fault, you still have rights and are entitled to damages.

My doctor will not see me because they do not treat auto accident patients.

We will refer you to a doctor that accepts auto accident patients.

My car has been repaired and now it is worth less because it was in an accident.

We can make a claim for diminished value for your car and for loss of use.

I am out of work, and I do not know what to do about my medical bills.

We will present claims for wage reimbursement and payment of your medical bills.

The insurance company has offered me money to settle, and I do not know if I should accept it.

We can evaluate your case and recommend whether you should accept an offer to settle based on the unique facts of your case.

I was a passenger in a car, and I do not know which company will pay my bills.

We will determine the correct insurance company to pay your bills.

I feel that I am entitled to compensation, but I do not want to sue.

You do not have to sue to get a settlement. We can make a settlement for you without suing someone.

A family member has died in an accident, and I do not know what to do.

Wrongful death cases are controlled by state statue. We represent the surviving family members, establish the personal representative, and can represent the survivors and the estate in a wrongful death case.

The hospital has filed a lien against me.

We have experience in handling hospital lien cases which is a complex subject.

The other person that caused the accident had no insurance.

We can represent you and get you a settlement even when the other party had no insurance or when they had the state minimum insurance.

The other person that cause the accident left the scene of the accident, and I do not know their identity.

Under certain circumstances, we may still be able to make a successful claim for damages where the other party is never identified.

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