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Automotive Loss of Use Claims

Does your company own a service vehicle that is no longer generating revenue because it was in an accident?


I represent companies that own dump trucks, pest control vehicles, and other vehicles on behalf of which I made a financial recovery for them for loss of use and loss of income following an accident.

Commercial vehicles such as food trucks, delivery trucks, industrial trucks, tractor trailers will not be able to generate income if they are out of service. I can help.

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The owner of a vehicle damaged by another is entitled to recover loss of use damages under Florida law.

These damages can be substantial, and the owner is entitled to recover damages whether or not they rent substitute vehicle.

See, Meakin v. Dreier, 209 So.2d 252 (Fla. 2nd DCA 1968).

“Brett is a professional, experienced attorney who made the process so much easier for me so I could focus on my family and life. I sincerely appreciate the hard work he and his staff put in to handle my case quickly and efficiently.
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Noah Thompson

Most insurance companies do not comply with the law and limit the options offered to claimants.

The law is clear, and the law is:


You are entitled to a rental car while your car is being repaired.


You are entitled to a rental car for the reasonable period of time necessary to procure parts and repair your car.


If you do not rent a car, you are still entitled to money to compensate you for loss of use.


You are entitled to rent a similar vehicle. For example, if you have a luxury car, you are entitled to the rental of a similar luxury car, and the same scenario applies to pick up trucks, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, sports cars, exotics, etc.


We have been successful in making excellent recoveries for loss of use for personal cars and corporate fleet vehicles.

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