Diminished Value Claims

I get calls from people who have a pending bodily injury claim wanting me to represent them in a diminished value claim because their current lawyer does not handle diminished value cases. What I have found, is that most people, lawyers included, do not know that car owners have a legal right to make a diminished value claim. And, I find that many lawyers do not know how to make a diminished value recovery. I do, and I enjoy this area of law. The main reason is I like the clients that come to me for representation. I represent people from all walks of life from senior citizens, working folks, lawyers, and business owners. I can help any person who owns a car that was in an accident caused by another person. The main authority for making a diminished value claim is the Florida Standard Jury Instructions in Civil Cases section 501.2(h) and Airtech Service, Inc. v. McDonald Construction Co., 150 So2d. 465 (Fla. 3rd DCA 1963).