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Questions Accident Victims Frequently Ask

 There are no stupid questions when it comes to the law.

QUESTIONS About Our Firm

How our firm is different.

We pride ourselves on enjoying a traditional attorney-client relationship where the attorney is the main point of contact, immediately accepts the client’s calls, is intimately familiar with the client and the facts, and develops a close connection with the client. Big law firms cannot provide the excellent level of service that we provide.

Not sure if you need a lawyer?

You may or you may not. Of course it depends of the facts of the case. There are times that people call me and I suggest they handle their case on their own. A lawyer is needed when the individual cannot adequately represent their own interests and is at risk of making a mistake that will hurt their case. We offer free consultations to help people with this issue, and we can refer people to other lawyer who are best suited to help them.

What you can expect from our firm?

Excellent communication and prompt service! We do not let things linger. I believe that we do more in the first 48 hours of being retained than big law firms do in two weeks.

How to retain our services?

We use the Florida Bar approved contingency fee agreement which can be signed at our office or we can send to you by email or other means.

QUESTIONS About Your Case

How you can help your case.

The value of any case is based on the facts of the case and how those facts can be proved.  It is helpful to have witnesses, photographs, medical documentation, income records and other things that help a lawyer advocate on behalf of their client. 

It is wise to consult with a lawyer immediately following an accident to get excellent advice.

How do I get paid for being out of work?

Your Personal Injury Protection (“PIP”) will pay 60% of your lost income, and the insurance of the at-fault driver will pay any amount not covered by your PIP or if you do not have PIP.

How we get paid.

We do not require any up front money.  Our fee is a percentage of the recovery and reimbursement of any costs we have advanced such as money paid to get copies of medical records.

QUESTIONS About Car Accidents

What you need on your auto insurance policy?

Do not buy the Florida minimum coverage. To protect you and your family, you must buy Uninsured Motorist Coverage and the limits must be as high as you can.

Getting the runaround from an insurance company?

Do you need help, and no one is returning your calls from the insurance company?  We hear that all the time.  Lawyers have more effective ways of communicating with insurance companies and we send letters which require timely responses.  This is our strength.

Who pays for the repairs for my car and the rental car?

This is one area where it is wise to consult with a lawyer. Your insurance company and the insurance company of the at-fault driver may pay for the repairs, but this decision is subject to the policy limits and your overall case strategy.

Your decision should be based on the unique facts of your case. Generally, the insurance company of the car that caused the accident will pay for the repairs and rental car as long as the damages are within the policy limit of that insurer.

Can I get money for the diminished value of my car?

Yes, as long as the at-fault driver is insured.  The amount of money you can recover for diminished value and loss of use is based on the unique facts of your case. 

There are circumstances were the policy limit of the at-fault driver is low and it may be a strategic advantage for the owner to use their own policy for the repairs to preserve the insurance of the at-fault driver to pay their claims for diminished value and loss of use.  It is wise to consult with a lawyer on this matter.

Is my car worth less because it was in an accident?

Generally yes, especially with new or newer cars, RV’s, and motorcycles.  You can view info about a vehicle’s Diminished Value after a accident here

Beyond happy with my results thanks to Brett, Maria and the team. Great firm, professional and compassionate. Could not be happier that I picked up the phone and called them out of the several firms I was considering. Highly recommend.”

Julia Sears

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