Hospital Lien: What Is It, and What Does It Cost You?

Hospital LienDid you know that if you are injured in an accident, the hospital that treated you with emergency services may file a lien against your personal injury claim? It’s true. If there is a third party responsible for your injuries, the hospital can demand repayment for their services which come out of your eventual settlement. They’ll get paid even before you do.


During this time, it is important to arm yourself with the facts. First, a hospital lien can sometimes be exorbitant and much greater than any insurance company would pay. Second, the lien must be perfected to be valid. All names, addresses, dates, and pertinent information must be correct, and the lien must be served properly and in a timely manner. If these criteria are not met, then the lien may be deemed invalid. This does not mean that you are exempt from paying your hospital bills; this simply means that the hospital cannot seek dues from your settlement.


If you feel that a lien may have been filed against your recovery, an attorney experienced in hospital lien law can help you with potential negotiations. You may be able to challenge the lien if it is invalid, or if a court agrees with you that the hospital’s services were offered at an unreasonable rate.


Another benefit of working with a personal injury attorney with hospital lien case experience is that you won’t find yourself buried in paperwork trying to negotiate the lien. The recovery time after an accident that was not your fault is confusing and stressful in and of itself, so trusting your case to a reputable attorney may be a sound option.


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