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Injuries to Children

Over the years I have had the honor of representing the parents of a child injured or killed in an accident. Without a doubt, this is the most sensitive area for any practicing lawyer.


One of the most important differences in representing a child compared to an adult is the process of court approval for a settlement involving a minor and the decision as to how to invest the funds for the child. In many circumstances, I will work with a professional financial advisor who will create a structured settlement so that the child’s money is invested safely for the benefit of the child when they reach the age of majority. This is one of the great pleasures of my practice. Having been in this practice for approximately 30 years, now, I have the great pleasure of seeing former clients of mine who have grown up and are now enjoying the benefits fo a settlement that I won for them years ago.

Some of the common situations involving injuries to children occur at daycare centers due to negligence supervision, automobile accidents, and other injuries such as burns.

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