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Injuries to Visitors and Tourists 

Orlando is the vacation capital of the world, and many times visitors to our area are involved in auto accidents, or are otherwise involved in situations resulting in injury or death.

Over the years, I have had the privilege of representing families that reside in different states and different countries who have been involved in accident in the central Florida area. Many times I have never met my clients personally because they retain me after they have returned home. However, I have been able to successfully represent visitors to our area without my clients returning to Orlando.



One of the reasons that I created a separate section regarding injuries to visitors is that I particularly enjoy representing people who are out of state or out of the country. It is interesting to me since I enjoy traveling, and I have had very positive experience in representing tourists.

One of the reasons that I like representing tourists is that I realize that it is very difficult for an individual to find a lawyer when they do not live in this area. And, my clients who live elsewhere often are very appreciative of my care and concern for their case. I realize that many people feel like they are at somewhat at a disadvantage not living in central Florida, and needing a lawyer, and I do my best to keep my clients at ease regarding their situation.

Representing tourists has been a very enjoyable aspect of my practice, and I seek to continue to do the same.

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