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Motorcycle Accident

Florida-Motorcycle-Accident-Attorney-Brett-BresslerBased on the total number of registered vehicles in the United States, motorcycle operators and their passengers’ fatality rates are nearly six times that of passenger vehicles. Florida continues to remain among the top states for motorcycle accidents, injuries and deaths each year.

The warm weather and accommodating appeal of riding in the beautiful city of Orlando affords our riders an exceptional occasion to enjoy two wheels, instead of four. However, the consequences of rising motorcycle accident cases can leave individuals and families devastated by injury and even death without notice.

Brett M. Bressler , P.A. has represented motorcycle accident injury victims for over a decade, providing knowledge, leadership and an exceptional awareness of the cases our firm represents.

A motorcycle accident can cause serious injury, even when the rider is wearing a helmet or protective gear. Because of the disparity in the size and weight of a passenger vehicle and that of a motorcycle, grievous injury can result in the form of broken limbs, bones, head trauma, brain injury and spine injury.

Burns, “road rash”, ligament and muscle damage are all unfortunate and common results of a motorcycle accident, which requires a seasoned, veteran attorney to evaluate fully, to ensure our clients are able to recover completely going forward.

Our knowledgeable staff and exceptional lawyer evaluate each motorcycle accident case fully to uncover the details that will allow us to make a difference in the life of the injured.

This systematic approach to legal representation allows us to be more than a lawyer and his supportive staff; it allows us to immerse ourselves into the Orlando, Florida community as partners.

Startling Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Motorcycles are fun, exciting and very much a part of the fabric of our Orlando, Florida community. The allure and adventure of traveling by motorcycle does not diminish their vulnerability to be involved in a motorcycle accident. The truth is, most motorcycle accident cases are the result of another motorist’s negligence, and not the fault of the motorcyclist.

The sheer number of these accidents is eye opening, according to the Florida Highway Safety Commission’s most recent data:

  • Motorcycle Crash Total: 7,484
  • Motorcyclists Injured: 6,686
  • Motorcyclists Killed: 350
  • Motorcycle Passengers Killed: 38
  • Motorcyclists are 35 times more likely to experience a deadly accident on the road than those in passenger cars.
  • 11 percent of all roadway accidents that occur in the United States involve motorcycles.

The most common causes of these unfortunate motorcycle accident cases include:

  • Car or Truck Turning in Front of the Motorcyclist
  • Entering the Lane of a Motorcyclist
  • Failure to Yield to Motorcyclist’s Right of Way
  • Following too Closely to a Motorcycle

A lot of times motorists will provide the defense that they simply did not see the motorcyclists, which is no accident at all. If a motorist is unaware of their surroundings, or distracted by activities behind the wheel that do not involve driving attentively when they collide with a motorcyclist, they are negligent in their vehicle operating duties.

Brett M. Bressler , P.A. and our capable and accomplished staff will review your personal motorcycle accident injury case with an organized and systematic approach to delivering success and helping you get your life back on track. We begin each of our partnerships with a free consultation, and look forward to understanding how we can help you start anew with a positive resolution.


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