Ferrari. This 2019 Ferrari was hit by a careless driver, and the repairs required months. We recovered $50,000 for the owner of this beautiful automobile.


Tesla. This Tesla suffered more than $20,000 in damage. We recovered $40,000 for our client for diminished value and bodily injury.

Mercedes Benz.

Mercedes Benz. This 2019 Mercedes Benz S Series sold for $143,590 when new. It was in an accident which cause frame/unibody damage. We recovered more than $34,000 for the owner.

Business loss of Revenue.

Business loss of Revenue. This case is an example of how businesses can recover money when their service vehicle is an accident. This company owns dump trucks, and one of their vehicles was destroyed in a highway accident. We were able to recover more than $10,000 for their loss of revenue as a result of […]

RV Loss of Use Recovery.

RV Loss of Use Recovery. This Great West Van Legend EX Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van was in the repair shop for months until it was declared a total loss. We were able to make an excellent recovery for our client’s diminished value and loss of use claim from the insurance company for the vehicle that […]

RV Loss of Use Recovery.

RV Loss of Use Recovery. This RV was suffered disabling damage in an interstate highway accident. The vehicle required many months to repair. The owner’s plans for excellent upcoming vacations had to be cancelled which was big disappointment for the family. We were able to recover $50,000 for our client’s for diminished value and loss […]

Lamborghini Murceilago – $100,000

This Lamborghini Murceilago was rear ended. The insurer of the at -fault driver denied liability and actually won at arbitration because of insufficient data supplied by my client’s insurer. We were able to prove that the other driver was at-fault by simply calling him and asking him to verify with his own insurer that he […]

Aston Martin DB9 Volante – $55,000

Exotic cars can suffer substantial diminished value, even where an accident causes minor damage. Wealthy people simply do not want to purchase any expensive car that has any accident history. Often, the history of a vehicle and its ownership are more important than actually using and driving the vehicle. In this example, one of my […]

Aston Martin V8 Vantage – $24,500

This Aston Martin suffered some minor damage, but the vehicle was out of service for several weeks until parts could be obtained causing a loss of use claim in additional to the diminished value claim. We settled this case for $24,450.

BMW X5 – $25,000

This BMW X5 was almost brand new when it was hit on the passenger side causing airbag deployment. The damages on the exterior did not look serious, however, the repair was extensive. Our client’s insure paid for the repairs and wanted to seek subrogation against the at­-fault insurer for its $25,000. We were able to […]