Motorcycle Accident.

Motorcycle Accident. We represent many motorcycle riders. This Harley Davidson rider was cut off by another car. We were successful in making a bodily injury and diminished value claim for our client.

Auto Accident Recovery.

Auto Accident Recovery. Our client was a senior citizen who worked for a landscaping company and was highly productive for his age. He was in an auto accident and eventually needed surgery on his back. We recovered $210,000 for our client who was grateful for the excellent recovery.

Fatal Motorcycle Accident.

Fatal Motorcycle Accident. Our firm represented a family from Brazil whose son was killed while riding a motorcycle in Orlando. We investigated the accident and obtained a settlement for the family for this tragic accident.

Fatal Accident.

Fatal Accident. This tragedy cost the life of the passenger and serious injuries to the driver. The insurer of the at-fault driver offered the family $10,000 which was the policy limit. To help the family, we took the deposition of the driver and hired an investigator to research the driver so that we could properly […]

Product liability/defective ladder.

Product liability/defective ladder. This case involved a defective ladder lent to a handy man who fell from the ladder. Our investigation revealed numerous defects which would have put anyone on notice that the ladder was not safe for use. We recovered $75,000 from the homeowner’s insurance policy for our client who was very happy with […]

Tractor Trailer Negligence.

Tractor Trailer Negligence. This truck versus car accident happened on I-4 in stop and go traffic. The truck driver was inattentive and struck the rear of our client’s vehicle. Our client was a highly compensated professional, and the injuries affected the ability of our client to work to their full potential. We were successful in […]

Dangers when making a left turn.

Dangers when making a left turn. This accident occurred when our client was making a left turn on a green arrow and another driver coming from the opposite direction ran a red light and hit our client’s Honda Accord head-on. Our client suffered head and spine injuries. We litigated this case and recovered more than […]

Minor accident results in large settlement

Minor accident results in large settlement. This is an example of how an apparent minor impact can cause major injuries. Our client was rear ended causing about $2,500 damages to their car. The driver had some neck and should pain after the accident, but it did not appear too serious. However, as time went on, […]

Pedestrian Hit by Car

Pedestrian Hit by Car. This unfortunate accident happened while a man was walking to work in downtown Orlando after getting off the Sun Rail. An inattentive driver hit our client causing serious injuries resulting in hospitalization and not being able to work for more than one month. We made an excellent recovery for this deserving […]

Commercial Accident Led to Settlement of $6,000,000

Our client was a passenger in this commercial truck when it overturned on a highway. She suffered paraplegia, three fractured cervical vertebrae, and a fractured jaw, and some small scarring on her left thigh in an auto accident. Our investigation revealed that the driver of the vehicle was permitted to drive this truck after hours […]