Commercial Accident Led to Settlement of $6,000,000

Our client was a passenger in this commercial truck when it overturned on a highway. She suffered paraplegia, three fractured cervical vertebrae, and a fractured jaw, and some small scarring on her left thigh in an auto accident. Our investigation revealed that the driver of the vehicle was permitted to drive this truck after hours […]

Life-Altering Spinal Injuries Led to Cervical Spine Surgery – $550,000

Our client was in a head-on auto accident. She treated with a chiropractor, and never suspected she had suffered a serious injury. Years after the accident, she required cervical spine surgery. The insurance companies disputed whether the surgery was related to the accident. In this case, our client happened to have had a MRI study […]

Loss of Consciousness Recovered $500,000

Our client as traveling through an intersection of Westmonte Drive in Altamonte Springs when another vehicle traveling the opposite direction attempted a left turn causing a collision between the two vehicles. Our client lost consciousness, had to be cut out of the vehicle and was flown by helicopter to Orlando Regional Medical Center. She was […]

Our Dedicated Team Helped Recover $330,000 for Our Client

Our client was in a serious accident when a car pulled out from a side street, hit the driver’s side of her Honda and caused our client to lose control and drive into oncoming traffic causing a massive head-on collision. We needed to find witnesses to support our client’s version of what happened. We purchased […]

Car Wreck With Serious Injury – $250,000

This case is an example of the importance of having uninsured motorist coverage on your personal auto insurance policy. My client was in a massive accident in this red truck. The truck was owned and driven by a young man who had no insurance. My client suffered massive injuries and had to be flown by […]

Commerical Truck Accident recovers $240,000

Our client was a trainee to become a commercial truck driver. He was asleep in the back of a tractor-trailer while another driver was driving the tractor-trailer in a remote area of Texas. The driver was traveling too fast for conditions and lost control and crashed and overturned. Our client was unrestrained and suffered a […]

Uninsured Motorist With Global Injuries – Recovery for Client

This case is an example of the danger caused by people who run a red light. Here, our client was making a left-hand turn on a green arrow. The other driver was traveling the opposite direction, ran a red light, and struck the passenger side of her car. Her blue Audi suffered massive damage, and […]

Disputed Liability Case Leads to Full Recovery For Client

This is a case of disputed liability. Our client said she had a yellow light while traveling through an intersection. The other driver claimed he had a green light. The accident destroyed our client’s Mercedes. We investigated the other driver and found that he had a history of evictions, cocaine possession, and domestic violence. We […]

Widow With Back Problems Receives $155,000 Settlement

Our client was a 61-year-old widow who was in a low-speed accident in a Wal-Mart parking lot with a tractor-trailer. She had a history of back problems. The medical records before the accident show a history of a generalized low back complaint, with some minor radicular symptoms. Focusing on the diagnostic reports is one way […]

Loss of Career Due to a Serious Injury Leads to Large Settlement & New Growth

Our client was a highly compensated employee of a company and injured in an auto accident while on the job. He was entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, but these benefits did not fully compensate him for his losses. We were successful in obtaining the full policy limit from the at-fault insurer. In this case, because […]