Catastrophic Injury


Catastrophic injury falls under the category of personal injury law. However, whereas personal injuries can be severe, catastrophic damages are usually considered lifelong and do not permit the affected to return to life in the same way. There is often diminished earning capacity or total loss of income, plus the need for expensive medical procedures and ongoing rehabilitation. In general, the trauma sustained serves as a detriment to them participating in hobbies, employment, school, or sports.


There are several ways that a lifelong, debilitating injury can be caused, such as medical malpractice, violent crime, serious auto accidents, accidents from defective products, falling objects, pedestrian accidents, flip and fall, and so on. Whether at the grocery store or the workplace, major injuries can occur anywhere.

Have you or a loved one suffered a catastrophic injury such as brain and/or spinal cord injuries, multiple fractures, amputation or burns? Here are steps that are critical to aid the injured party.


  1. The patient must be evaluated by a Catastrophic Rehabilitation Specialist to create a Plan for Recovery. The patient’s medical records must also be analyzed. The rehabilitation facility and the patient work together to create a plan for customized therapy and treatment with specific goals for rehabilitation. Ultimately, the patient is discharged to go home with a caregiver and the patient’s family must be prepared to assist.
  2. Hiring of an attorney immediately is a good idea so that the cause of the accident can be investigated. The attorney needs to investigate fault, preserve evidence, interview witnesses, verify liability insurance, and prepare to make a financial recovery for the patient. The patient will have medical bills and loss of wages/income. These financial losses, or damages, may be substantial, and it is the responsibility of the attorney to make a claim for these damages. A wise attorney will facilitate the payment of medical bills by all available sources such as health insurance, auto insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, Medicare, or any available source.
  3. The ultimate goal is for the injured person to recover functional improvement and quality of life. The goal of the attorney is to obtain financial compensation to pay for necessary medical and rehabilitation expenses, loss of income and earning capacity, and for pain, suffering, mental anguish, and inconvenience.


Hiring a lawyer who has experience in representing persons who have suffered life changing injuries may make a major change in the life of the injured person.


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Below are established rehabilitation facilities that accept patients who have suffered catastrophic injuries.


Brain and Spinal Cord

Wellington Regional Medical Center

Florida Health Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Program

Center For Neuro Recovery

Orlando Health Level One Trauma Center

Plasticity Brain Centers

UFHealth Traumatic Brain Injury

Brooks Rehabilitation