I’d definitely recommend the services of Brett Bressler’s firm. It was important to me to have a personal injury attorney with experience and compassion. After being injured from a relatively minor automobile accident,I’d called my regular doctor and was advised by the office that he would not see me because it was an auto accident. I was shocked. They recommended that I go to a rehab/injury clinic instead. When I was there, some basic diagnostics were performed and I became confused in terms of who was in charge of my medical care. I asked the office manager to clarify and she surprised me by saying that I was in charge of my care! I was in a lot of pain and already had a full plate of responsibilities, and the thought of being on my own to figure out the next steps for treatment was overwhelming. We continued to talk and the conversation resulted in her recommending that I speak with Mr. Bressler. Once we started working together, I was able to receive the treatment needed, without having to worry about being on my own. His office ensured that I was getting appropriate medical treatment, consistently followed up on my progress,and handled all communication logistics associated with the coverage of the event. The level of care they provided with my health and recovery far exceeded my expectations.