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Jane O.

Orland, FL

I’d definitely recommend the services of Brett Bressler’s firm. It was important to me to have a personal injury attorney with experience and compassion. After being injured from a relatively minor automobile accident,I’d called my regular doctor and was advised by the office that he would not see me because it was an auto accident. I was shocked. They recommended that I go to a rehab/injury clinic instead. When I was there, some basic diagnostics were performed and I became confused in terms of who was in charge of my medical care.

I asked the office manager to clarify and she surprised me by saying that I was in charge of my care! I was in a lot of pain and already had a full plate of responsibilities, and the thought of being on my own to figure out the next steps for treatment was overwhelming. We continued to talk and the conversation resulted in her recommending that I speak with Mr. Bressler. Once we started working together, I was able to receive the treatment needed, without having to worry about being on my own. His office ensured that I was getting appropriate medical treatment, consistently followed up on my progress,and handled all communication logistics associated with the coverage of the event. The level of care they provided with my health and recovery far exceeded my expectations.


Tami G.

Oviedo, FL

I’ve had quite a few complications due to an auto accident in ’09. Thankfully, I was referred to Brett Bressler by a medical professional. I was completely unprepared for all the medical issues I would be experiencing, but Brett was extremely professional and took the time to educate me about the process and how I could best be an active participant in my care. Recovery has been harrowing, but Brett and his team did everything in their power to help me through the process.

They were always available when I had questions and put in considerable time and energy establishing and maintaining a file, that now fills my file cabinet. Brett and his team demonstrated their ability to navigate my very complex case working hard to secure a very fair settlement.Once the settlement was received, Brett and his team continued to work tirelessly to negotiate outstanding medical balances. This was a surprise to me. I never would have thought a lawyer would continue to stand with me through this phase of the process and it made a significant difference. After all my family and I have gone through – we truly believe that we had the best lawyer supporting our interests.

In addition to my personal experience, I have had the opportunity to recommend Brett to my son and daughter-in-law who were struck in a separate auto accident. Brett and his team were able to bring a quick and reasonable settlement to each of them. He has demonstrated his ability to truly stand behind his clients, no matter how complex the case and I strongly recommend his services!


Sylvia Parker

Sanford, FL

Just a brief note to thank you for all you are doing. There is so much stress involved with all the appointments for therapy and many doctors, that it has been a tremendous burden lifter to have you to sort out the bills and legal matters. Just the other day, Angela and I were discussing (again) about how fortunate we were to have had your services as our lawyer, and how easy it would have been for fate to have given us someone else. We cannot imagine, having since given more attention to some of the personalities of other lawyers who deal with accidents, what a different path our lives would have taken had that been the case. We both are in total agreement about this.



Car Accident Client

At the time of my accident, we were confused on where to turn for legal advice. We chose your firm because it was apparent from the beginning that you were genuinely concerned with my situation. I immediately felt like a family member not just a case number, and this was very important to me. Brett and his staff held the insurance accountable and paved the way for us to have a bright and healthy future together. That is the difference between an attorney settling for cash and one that goes the extra mile by getting personally involved. You held yourself accountable to meet and understand our real needs. You cared about us as your client and it became personal.

Again, we appreciate all you and your office did in helping with my recovery. You and your staff were always available to take calls, reply to e-mails and meet with us when necessary. Thanks to your efforts I received excellent care, able to obtain one of the best Neurosurgeons, perhaps in the state and most importantly, a full recovery. Your willingness to go the extra mile made all the difference in the world to us. Thank you for everything.



Personal Injury Client

I feel that Mr. Bressler has set the bar very high in regards to being very caring, helpful, prompt, and knowledgeable….. ALL of the staff meets these standards. Their teamwork approach works very well. I had an issue with “diminished value” on my car due to an accident that I was not able to resolve on my own and some injuries. It gave me great peace of mind to have his office take care of all the details and the abundance of paperwork. Phone calls and emails were always returned promptly. Last week my claim was resolved and I was very happy with the outcome. He and his staff made an “unpleasant” situation very easy for me. I would never hesitate to recommend Mr. Bressler and would feel comfortable calling him for advice or a referral to a specialty that he doesn’t handle………I would trust his opinion and judgement in legal matters.


Audley McLeod

Orlando, FL

I am extremely relieved that this matter has been concluded; reason prevailed. Again, I thank you for bringing your very outstanding professional skills to bear on the results. I shall be forever grateful.


Timothy and Susan Loftus

Morganville, NJ

This letter is to show our appreciation for the professional effort and courteous service you provided for us during our intensely personal and lengthy suit. All contact that I had with you and your support staff was professional and courteous. This was especially appreciated as the nature of our case and the distance between the Florida legal authorities, the opposing party and us required a legal firm and an individual that we could trust. That requirement was met and surpassed.

My wife and I will graciously and highly recommend you to our friends and acquaintances. Should we ever require legal services in Central Florida again, we will not hesitate to call on you.


Naomi Graves

Auto Accident Client

I am extremely grateful that I chose you to be my attorney to represent me in my auto accident lawsuit. You and your team did an outstanding job. You were so efficient and precise. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly you handled the settlement. I certainly don’t wish this unfortunate thing to happen to anyone, however, if it did, I would definitely refer you and your team of professionals. Thank You for a job well done.


Norris Adams

Apopka, FL

Accidents do happen, especially car accidents and yes there is a lot of stress and pain behind it all. Yes my name is Norris Adams and I was involved in a car accident and was introduced to Brett Bressler whom I hired to represent me, and I’m very glad I did. Brett took me though the procedures of what to do and believe me we won my case. Brett believes in what’s right, very nice guy, people person and fights to win and to satisfy his clients, and I’m very appreciative of Mr. Brett Bressler and how’s he helped me through those times and he will always be my lawyer in any situation that he represents as a lawyer. Take my word for it, give him a call you won’t regret it, he is the man.



Auto Accident Client

It is with pleasure that I write this testimonial on behalf of Attorney Brett Bressler. Over two years ago my daughter and I were involved in an auto accident with a major lawn care service company. From the moment I engaged Mr. Bressler’s services he was very professional. He made sure that I was kept informed of each step of my case and consulted with me on every decision. Because of his expertise my case was resolved in a timely and fair manner. Without reservation I recommend Brett Bressler for future personal injury cases.

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