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If you have a dispute with your own insurance company, a lawyer can represent you and bring a claim against your insurance company. If you prevail on a claim against an insurance company, under Florida law your insurance company is obligated to pay your attorney fees. Hence, lawyers have the incentive to help people who have a dispute with their own insurance company.

The most common type of disputes that people have with their insurance company are failure to pay medical benefits and failure to pay homeowners claims.

This is a complex area of law and much to broad to be fully described in this subsection. However, one should not be afraid of their own insurance company. The insurance company definitely does not care about their insureds. Often, they pretend to care, but in reality they don’t.

The most frequent reason that people call my office seeking assistance is because they have been “getting the run around” or otherwise have suffered from unfair treatment by their insurance company or another person’s insurance company.

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