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Real Life Cases And Actual Results For Our Clients:


Auto Accident Recovery - $210,000

Our client was a senior citizen who worked for a landscaping company and was highly productive for his age. He was in an auto accident and eventually needed surgery on his back. We recovered $210,000 for our client who was grateful for the excellent recovery.
We created a video which proved to the insurance company that our client was strong and productive before the accident by filming workers demonstrating the work that our client performed before the accident. The video was very persuasive. This is a simple technique that we use to help illustrate our client’s claim for damages.

Commercial Accident Led to Settlement of $6,000,000

Our client was a passenger in this commercial truck when it overturned on a highway. She suffered paraplegia, three fractured cervical vertebrae, and a fractured jaw, and some small scarring on her left thigh in an auto accident. Our investigation revealed that the driver of the vehicle was permitted to drive this truck after hours and for reasons other than legitimate work usage. We were able to convince the insurance company to pay its full $6,000,000 policy limit to settle the catastrophic injury claim of our client.

Life-Altering Spinal Injuries Led to Cervical Spine Surgery – $550,000

Our client was in a head-on auto accident. She treated with a chiropractor, and never suspected she had suffered a serious injury. Years after the accident, she required cervical spine surgery. The insurance companies disputed whether the surgery was related to the accident. In this case, our client happened to have had a MRI study of her neck from a prior accident. By comparing the pre and post-accident MRI reports, we were able to convince two insurance companies that the accident was the most likely cause of the cervical spine injuries and pay our client a total of $550,000.00.

Motorcycle Accident

We represent many motorcycle riders. This Harley Davidson rider was cut off by another car. We were successful in making a bodily injury and diminished value claim for our client.

Fatal Motorcycle Accident

Our firm represented a family from Brazil whose son was killed while riding a motorcycle in Orlando. We investigated the accident and obtained a settlement for the family for this tragic accident.

Fatal Accident

This tragedy cost the life of the passenger and serious injuries to the driver. The insurer of the at-fault driver offered the family $10,000 which was the policy limit. To help the family, we took the deposition of the driver and hired an investigator to research the driver so that we could properly advise the family if the at-fault driver an any money to contribute to the settlement. Our research verified that the at-fault driver had no assets. The family was grateful for our guidance in helping them through this difficult process. We did not charge our client for this service, but we were very satisfied to have helped them. We made a special connection with this family, and we were grateful for the opportunity to help.

Product liability/defective ladder

This case involved a defective ladder lent to a handy man who fell from the ladder. Our investigation revealed numerous defects which would have put anyone on notice that the ladder was not safe for use. We recovered $75,000 from the homeowner’s insurance policy for our client who was very happy with the result.

Tractor Trailer Negligence

This truck versus car accident happened on I-4 in stop and go traffic. The truck driver was inattentive and struck the rear of our client’s vehicle. Our client was a highly compensated professional, and the injuries affected the ability of our client to work to their full potential. We were successful in making a bodily injury and loss of earning capacity claim for our client for $280,000.

Dangers when making a left turn

This accident occurred when our client was making a left turn on a green arrow and another driver coming from the opposite direction ran a red light and hit our client’s Honda Accord head-on. Our client suffered head and spine injuries. We litigated this case and recovered more than $100,000 for our client who was very happy to conclude the litigation in their favor.

Minor accident results in large settlement

This is an example of how an apparent minor impact can cause major injuries. Our client was rear ended causing about $2,500 damages to their car. The driver had some neck and should pain after the accident, but it did not appear too serious. However, as time went on, the symptoms because more significant to the extent that they interfered with our client’s ability to work in a highly demanding medical position. Eventually, surgery was necessary. We recovered more than $300,000 for our client who was grateful for this excellent recovery.

Pedestrian Hit by Car

This unfortunate accident happened while a man was walking to work in downtown Orlando after getting off the Sun Rail. An inattentive driver hit our client causing serious injuries resulting in hospitalization and not being able to work for more than one month. We made an excellent recovery for this deserving client. Our client was very thankful for our excellent work on his case.
Orlando Regional Medical Center

Loss of Consciousness Recovered $500,000

Our client as traveling through an intersection of Westmonte Drive in Altamonte Springs when another vehicle traveling the opposite direction attempted a left turn causing a collision between the two vehicles. Our client lost consciousness, had to be cut out of the vehicle and was flown by helicopter to Orlando Regional Medical Center. She was diagnosed with a closed head injury with a cerebral concussion and interhemispheric subarachnoid hemorrhage, right midshaft humerus fracture, diplopia secondary to cranial nerves IV left eye palsy and a 9 cm scalp laceration. We were able to recover the full $500,000.00 policy limit for our client to compensate her for her injuries.

Our Dedicated Team Helped Recover $330,000 for Our Client

Our client was in a serious accident when a car pulled out from a side street, hit the driver’s side of her Honda and caused our client to lose control and drive into oncoming traffic causing a massive head-on collision. We needed to find witnesses to support our client’s version of what happened. We purchased signs which we posted at the scene of the accident asking for witnesses to call us. Luckily, one witness did see our sign and called us providing us with valuable information which helped prove that our client was not responsible for her accident. Our client suffered injuries to her head, headaches, neck pain, artery tear, pain radiating into the left arm, left wrist fracture, numbness and lack of range of motion in her fingers, and a sternum fracture. We recovered $330,000 to compensate our client for her injuries.

Car Wreck With Serious Injury – $250,000

This case is an example of the importance of having uninsured motorist coverage on your personal auto insurance policy. My client was in a massive accident in this red truck. The truck was owned and driven by a young man who had no insurance. My client suffered massive injuries and had to be flown by a helicopter from the scene of the accident to the emergency room. My client had been in a prior accident. As a result, her father made sure that he added uninsured motorist protection to his policy in case a family member got into another accident. In this case, we were able to recover $250,000, the full uninsured policy limit, for our client which provided her with compensation for her injuries and loss of income.
Orlando Commercial Truck-Driver-Accident-Attorney

Commercial Truck Accident recovers $240,000

Our client was a trainee to become a commercial truck driver. He was asleep in the back of a tractor-trailer while another driver was driving the tractor-trailer in a remote area of Texas. The driver was traveling too fast for conditions and lost control and crashed and overturned. Our client was unrestrained and suffered a comminuted (burst) fracture of C4 and underwent a C4 corpectomy with arthrodesis with mesh cage, autologous bone plus bank bone and stabilization with plating. We were able to recover $240,000.00 for our client and a waiver of the workers’ compensation lien.

Uninsured Motorist With Global Injuries – Recovery for Client

This case is an example of the danger caused by people who run a red light. Here, our client was making a left-hand turn on a green arrow. The other driver was traveling the opposite direction, ran a red light, and struck the passenger side of her car. Her blue Audi suffered massive damage, and our client suffered global injuries. The at-fault driver’s insurance had expired. The most irresponsible people, those people who drive recklessly and are dangers on the roadways, often do not have any insurance. Luckily, our client had uninsured motorist protection on her policy. Her car was a total loss. We are able to make a good recovery for our client and get her medical bills paid. If she had higher limits on her policy, we would have been able to recover more her. We suggest uninsured motorist limits in an amount that is within your budget, but the higher the limits, the more protection you have for you and your family.

Disputed Liability Case Leads to Full Recovery For Client

This is a case of disputed liability. Our client said she had a yellow light while traveling through an intersection. The other driver claimed he had a green light. The accident destroyed our client’s Mercedes. We investigated the other driver and found that he had a history of evictions, cocaine possession, and domestic violence. We shared the results of our investigation with his insurance company, and this information helped us convince the insurance company that its driver was not a reliable source of information. Thereafter, other driver’s insurance company admitted liability. We were successful in making a recovery for our client who suffered bodily injuries and loss of income.

Widow With Back Problems Receives $155,000 Settlement

Our client was a 61-year-old widow who was in a low-speed accident in a Wal-Mart parking lot with a tractor-trailer. She had a history of back problems. The medical records before the accident show a history of a generalized low back complaint, with some minor radicular symptoms. Focusing on the diagnostic reports is one way to follow the progression, or worsening, of a person’s condition. The site of our client’s surgery was the low back, specifically, L4-5 and L5-S1. In addition, the surgeon noted a herniation at L3-4. The studies prior to the accident revealed no major problems to L3-4 and L5-S1. This analysis helped us recovery $155,000.00 for our client.

Loss of Career Due to a Serious Injury Leads to Large Settlement & New Growth

Our client was a highly compensated employee of a company and injured in an auto accident while on the job. He was entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, but these benefits did not fully compensate him for his losses. We were successful in obtaining the full policy limit from the at-fault insurer. In this case, because of his high income, his economic damages for loss of income and loss of earning capacity were great. Luckily, he was entitled to underinsured motorist benefits. We filed a lawsuit for our client. The defendant was his insurance company.

We were able to prove that our client’s job was so physically demanding that his neck and back injuries prevented him from returning to his industrial job. We were successful in recovering a large settlement for he and his family. In addition, we hired a vocational rehabilitation expert who helped our client find a new career that is compatible with his physical limitations.


Celebrity Client Receives Settlement of $120,000

Our client is a nationally known animal trainer and celebrity who was in a major auto accident. As a result, he developed a blood clot and had to be on blood thinner medication. We recovered $120,000.00 for our client.


Inattentive Driver Caused Serious Accident – $50,000

This is an example of a serious accident on I-4. Here, our client was traveling on I-4 and was struck in the rear by an inattentive driver. The impact caused our client’s BMW to spin out of control and strike the guardrail. The driver who caused this accident had $50,000.00 in bodily injury liability insurance, and we were successful in recovering the full $50,000.00 policy limit for our client.

child struck by car

$100,000 Settlement Obtained for Family of Autistic Boy

A ten-year-old autistic boy was outside of his house with his babysitter at an ice cream truck parked across the street from his house. All of the sudden he darted out into the street and was struck by a car. He suffered a severe laceration to his head, internal bleeding, and bruising on his arm, legs, and abdomen. He was transported by ambulance to a children’s hospital where he was admitted for three nights. The driver was a 17-year-old kid from the neighborhood. We heard that this driver had been speeding and we obtained 911 tapes of two neighbors that had called the police reporting this boy who was speeding.

We took expert photographs of the street where children were present which demonstrated a need for drivers to drive below the speed limit. Our quick demand to the insurance company with the results of our investigation resulted in us obtaining a $100,000.00 settlement for our client within thirty days. We also established a pooled trust to preserve our clients Medicaid benefits which were critical for the family.


Disputed Liability Case Leads to Full Recovery for Client – $80,000

Our client was a passenger on a motor scooter that was sideswiped by a commercial truck causing an accident. Our client was ejected from the scooter and landed on her left side and head. She was not wearing a helmet and a helmet was not required by state law. Our client suffered a mild brain injury which we were able to prove even though her diagnostic studies were negative. We were successful in recovering $80,000 for our client to compensate her for her injuries.

These are actual case results. Please note that the results are based on the unique facts of each case and that these cases should not be used as a way of predicting a potential result of another case.

We have represented thousands of people and families in auto accident cases resulting in injury and death in Florida and other States.

The topic of auto accidents and the law that controls this area of law cannot be comprehensively addressed in one web page.

For that reason, we have prepared some of the most important topics and aspects of law that are critical for you to understand if you are or a family member is in a car wreck.


What is the benefit of calling an Attorney?

Most clients that retain my office need help with a variety of issues because they are not prepared to handle the stress and dynamics of dealing with insurance companies on their own. When we represent a client, it is our goal that the client feel like the burden of the accident is lifted off their shoulders. We accept the responsibility to work as an advocate for our client. In other words, we deal with the hassles and eliminate the stress of being the victim of a traumatic car accident.

We protect our clients by getting all insurance benefits to which they are entitled, from proper repair of their car, to making sure their medical bills and wages are paid, to seeking a settlement to fully compensate our client for damages.


Here are some excellent examples of how we typically help our clients:

The Insurance Adjuster is not returning my calls, has not admitted liability, authorized a rental car or repairs.

We communicate with the insurance company for you. We facilitate the things that you need to happen such as getting a rental car, wages and medical bills paid, and advocating on your behalf.

The insurance company wants me to sign documents, and I do not understand them and I am afraid to make a mistake.

We review documents and help you prepare responses so that you do not make a mistake.

The insurance company wants to take a recorded statement from me.

You are only required to give a recorded statement under limited circumstances. If it is necessary or beneficial to give a recorded statement, we prepare you to give the statement and are with you when you give the statement.

The insurance company claims that I am partially at fault for the accident and will not pay the full cost of the repair to my car.

We investigate the accident and make our own determination of fault based on the facts of the case. Even it you are partially at fault, you still have rights and are entitled to damages.

My doctor will not see me because they do not treat auto accident patients.

We will refer you to a doctor that accepts auto accident patients.

My car has been repaired and now it is worth less because it was in an accident.

We can make a claim for diminished value for your car and for loss of use.

I am out of work, and I do not know what to do about my medical bills.

We will present claims for wage reimbursement and payment of your medical bills.

The insurance company has offered me money to settle, and I do not know if I should accept it.

We can evaluate your case and recommend whether you should accept an offer to settle based on the unique facts of your case.

I was a passenger in a car, and I do not know which company will pay my bills.

We will determine the correct insurance company to pay your bills.

I feel that I am entitled to compensation, but I do not want to sue.

You do not have to sue to get a settlement. We can make a settlement for you without suing someone.

A family member has died in an accident, and I do not know what to do.

Wrongful death cases are controlled by state statue. We represent the surviving family members, establish the personal representative, and can represent the survivors and the estate in a wrongful death case.

The hospital has filed a lien against me.

We have experience in handling hospital lien cases which is a complex subject.

The other person that caused the accident had no insurance.

We can represent you and get you a settlement even when the other party had no insurance or when they had the state minimum insurance.

The other person that cause the accident left the scene of the accident, and I do not know their identity.

Under certain circumstances, we may still be able to make a successful claim for damages where the other party is never identified.

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