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Catastrophic injury refers to an injury which debilitates or seriously impacts their quality of life long-term. These incidents could include brain or spinal cord injuries, severe head trauma, blindness, serious burns, back injury, organ damage, or amputations.

Injuries of this type can be overwhelming. The person is usually left unable to perform daily tasks, engage in a variety of activities they once enjoyed, nor maintain employment at anywhere near the same level as before – if at all. If any of these apply to your situation, you should contact a lawyer immediately. You may be entitled to compensation for loss of wages, quality of life, and daily functionality.

The question is, Do I have a case for catastrophic personal injury?

You may have a credible claim if the accident left you with life-altering injuries and the cause of the injury:

  • Was not your fault
  • Was due to another party’s negligence
  • Is a direct result of a defective or dangerous product

Brett M. Bressler Attorneys at Law seek to achieve compensation for your traumatic injuries. We have recovered millions of dollars in catastrophic injury claims for our clients. A short time ago, one of our clients was in a life-altering head-on auto accident. She was treated by a chiropractor and never thought that she suffered a serious spinal injury. A few years after the accident, cervical spine surgery was necessary. Our evidence proved that the need for the surgery was a direct result of the accident, and she was awarded $550,000.

We have recovered millions of dollars in catastrophic injury claims for our clients.

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