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With so many car accident attorneys in Orlando, how do you set them apart and find the right one to represent you and your injury claim? You need an attorney who has your best interests in mind and is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure you receive adequate compensation for your injuries due to a car crash. Here, we compile the most important questions you should ask your car accident attorney before hiring them.

What is Your Fee Structure?

Most law firms follow a contingency or retainer payment structure. With a retainer structure, you pay a large sum upfront for the lawyer’s services, regardless of the outcome of the case. You reserve your lawyer’s time and expertise, so you still pay them even if you don’t win. Some lawyers may also charge hourly for their services and are available on-call.

Contingency fee-based firms (like Brett M. Bressler Law) take a percentage of your award settlement. You only pay if you receive compensation for your claim. You also pay out of the settlement for expenses like receiving records, mailing paperwork, and conducting depositions. Contingency structures allow you to file a claim and receive compensation for your injuries without the added burden of paying attorney’s fees upfront during a challenging financial time in your life.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

You should hire a lawyer when you cannot represent your own interests without risking making a mistake that will hurt your case. The court process is highly complex, so it’s wise to work with a lawyer for most legal proceedings, especially when dealing with big car insurance companies and accidents involving multiple cars. Some people hesitate to file a personal injury claim, thinking their injuries aren’t “bad enough” to warrant additional compensation. We offer free consultations to help eliminate these fears and find a lawyer that is best suited for your case.

Will You Personally Handle My Case?

When you work with a large law firm, you may believe that the big-name lawyer will be the person overseeing your case. However, with hundreds of active cases, big law firms often have other lawyers and paralegals who handle the day-to-day details. You want someone familiar with your case who treats you like an individual, not a number. At Brett M. Bressler Law, we pride ourselves on developing a solid attorney-client relationship. Attorney Brett M. Bressler is your primary contact. He’ll accept your calls immediately and is aware of the details regarding each case we take. It’s nearly impossible for a big-name law firm to provide this individual service.

How Will You Communicate with Me About the Case?

During our initial consultation, we’ll review some parameters that will help set clear expectations. We’ll discuss preferred methods of communication (such as email or text), frequency, and preferred times of day for us to contact you.

How Should I Handle Communication with Insurance Companies and Adjusters?

Once you’ve decided to partner with your car accident attorney in Orlando, you shouldn’t communicate with any insurance company or adjuster. If you receive calls from insurance or adjusters, give them your attorney’s information and direct all questions through them. This will prevent you from accidentally saying something that could impact the outcome of your case. When you hire an attorney like Brett M. Bressler, let us handle the phone calls and paperwork for you.

Have You Worked On Similar Cases in the Past?

An experienced car accident lawyer should be able to provide case outcomes and testimonials from previous clients. These client experiences allow you to hear from people in real situations about how the law firm helped them. See our case result page for examples of real cases and real results.

When Should I File a Claim?

According to Florida’s personal injury protection (PIP) laws, you must seek medical attention for your injuries within two weeks after the accident to file a claim with your car insurance company. If you wish to file a claim to seek additional compensation above what your car insurance covers, it’s important to make a personal injury claim as soon as possible after your accident. Although you have two years from the injury date to file a personal injury claim and two years for a wrongful death claim, an insurance company may claim that your injuries aren’t as severe as reported since you delayed getting assistance. The longer you wait, the harder settling the case will be. Witnesses may forget crucial accident details, and insurance companies will argue the legitimacy of your injuries if you delay getting treatment and filing a claim.

Experienced Car Accident Lawyer in Orlando: Brett M. Bressler

Dealing with an injury after a car accident is a challenging situation. Let the law offices of Brett M. Bressler work with you to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries. If you have questions, we’re always available to help. Learn more about our firm and view our services. You can also use the live chat feature at the bottom right of this screen to get instant answers, 24/7. Call our office at 407-599-2002 for a free case evaluation.


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