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After a car accident, your insurance will cover up to 100% of your damages for expenses like lost wages, doctor’s visits, and property damage. However, there are many more unanticipated expenses you will need to pay for after you get into an accident. Who’s responsible for your damages due to your inability to enjoy the life you once had before the accident? Who will pay for your rental car? Could you be reimbursed for childcare when you are in the hospital? These are all unexpected expenses you are entitled to receive in an accident. An Orlando car accident attorney can help determine all your eligible expenses to ensure you’re compensated fairly for your injuries and accident costs. Here are some of the unanticipated expenses you may be able to recover after an accident:

Rental Car

You’ll need a way to get around after you’ve been in a car accident as you wait for your car to be repaired. You shouldn’t incur the expense of a rental car on your own. You are entitled to have a rental car for a reasonable and necessary time while waiting for your vehicle to be fixed. You’re also entitled to rent a suitable replacement vehicle. For instance, you can recover the expense of renting a pickup truck if your wrecked vehicle was also a pickup truck. Even if your insurance doesn’t cover a rental car, you can work with an Orlando accident attorney to advocate for you and get the at-fault party’s insurance to cover rental car costs.

Household Services

Whether recovering from temporary or permanent injuries, your ability to take care of your regular household tasks will be impacted. You can recover the current and future costs of household services like lawn care, house cleaning, and handyman services while you recuperate.

Child Care

If you cannot care for your children in the same way you did before the accident, you may be able to recover your childcare expenses. However, not everyone injured in an auto accident can recover child care expenses due to injuries. You must show that your childcare needs increased solely because of your accident. In addition, you must prove there is no other suitable person to care for your children, such as a spouse, significant other, or family member with a work schedule allowing them to care for the children. Stay-at-home parents who need child care for recovery-related doctor visits, physical therapy, and medical procedures may also be eligible to recover child care expenses after an accident.

Travel Expenses

If you live out of state and get into a car accident in Florida, our Orlando car accident attorney, Brett M. Bressler, can help you cover your travel-related expenses.

Here’s how our team was able to help an out-of-state accident victim recover travel expenses:

 Our client lived in Pennsylvania and traveled to Florida frequently. She got into a car accident during one of her trips, which disabled her Porsche. Since the Porsche needed to be repaired in Florida, she had to fly home to Pennsylvania and then back to Florida to pick up the repaired vehicle. Her unanticipated expenses included two flights and a night at a hotel. We helped her recover all her travel expenses directly caused by the accident through the other driver’s property damage liability insurance.

Our team also helped this client recover diminished value and loss of use damages, with a total recovery of $25,000.

Diminished Value

After an accident, most cars suffer a 10% to 50% loss in market value—even after they’re repaired. When you’re in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be able to recover compensation for your car’s diminished value. You may be able to recover damages for diminished value if:

  • Another driver caused the accident
  • The other driver is insured
  • Your vehicle was repaired adequately

Our Orlando car accident attorney is experienced in diminished value claims. In one recent case, we were able to recover $13,900 in compensation when our client’s new Range Rover (which cost $96,000 and only had 1,500 miles on it) was hit on the side, causing $21,000 worth of damage.

Contact us today to discuss your case and see if you can make a diminished value claim on your vehicle.

Loss of Use

You may be eligible to recover damages for work or personal vehicles that no longer generate revenue for your business by filing a loss of use claim. Vehicles you could receive compensation for include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Delivery trucks
  • Food trucks
  • Pest control vehicles
  • Tractor trailers
  • Power line repair trucks
  • Landscaping trailers
  • Pool cleaning trucks
  • Pressure washing/window cleaning vehicles
  • 18-wheelers

You could be eligible to recover damages even if you rent a vehicle while the other is repaired.

Loss of Enjoyment of Life

When a severe and permanent injury affects your quality of life, you may be able to recover damages. Loss of enjoyment compensation is sought when your injury permanently prevents you from enjoying the activities, hobbies, and daily tasks you once enjoyed before the accident. Loss of enjoyment compensation can cover various activities, like participating in sports and volunteering. You could also recover damages for permanently losing a bodily function, such as sight or hearing.

Diminished Earning Capacity

Compensation for diminished earning capacity occurs when your injury impacts your ability to make income in the future, such as working fewer hours or taking a lower-paying job. For example, you could be eligible for diminished earning capacity compensation if you were a highly skilled construction worker before the accident but took a job in a different (and lower-paying) field after the accident due to your inability to lift heavy objects.

Recover Unanticipated Damages With Brett M. Bressler: Orlando Car Accident Attorney

Brett M. Bressler is an experienced Orlando car accident attorney with a history of helping clients recover the damages they’re entitled to after an accident, such as diminished value and loss of use. View our recent client results here. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, we’ll ensure you’re compensated for your damages.

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