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How Can You Get Help During the Pandemic?

Below are 5 areas many people need assistance with during this difficult time.

In Central Florida, we have many free services to help people in need. All of us at Brett Bressler, Attorneys at Law want to provide information and helpful resources for our clients and community partners who are either in need of assistance or trying to help others during this pandemic. Please feel free to reach out to our firm if we can assist with any of your legal problems or can answer questions. Connect with us and sign up for our email updates by clicking HERE.

5 Resources for COVID Assistance

1. Food:

Many families and individuals are affected by job loss, reduced hours, and a lack of overall resources. These conditions can lead to people needing help with food. Many food banks, pantries, and meal programs are offering assistance.

  • To locate Food Distribution Sites in Central Florida click HERE.
  • For a list of Florida Food Banks click HERE.
  • To apply for Food Assistance and see if you qualify to receive an Electronic Benefits Transfer card in the mail click HERE


2. Jobs:

With some companies temporarily closing or laying off staff, others are looking to expand during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • If you are Searching for a Job during this time of uncertainty click HERE.
  • For Reemployment Assistance (formally referred to as Unemployment Compensation) click HERE:
  • To update your job skills, apply for local job postings, or connect with a local career center please click HERE.
  • For information on Stimulus Payments click HERE.


3. COVID Testing & Medical Help:

Several organizations are helping with medical support, paying bills, and other essential services.

  • To see if you qualify and to view the available resources click HERE.
  • To find a COVID Testing Site click HERE.
  • For a list of ways to Alleviate Stress and Anxiety click HERE.
  • For ways to stay safe and Cope During the Holidays click HERE.


4. Charitable Opportunities:

Many people are looking for ways to give back and help during this difficult time. If you are interested in volunteering, donating, or becoming an advocate, there are many ways to help other individuals.

  • Click HERE for Giving opportunities.
  • Click HERE for Advocacy opportunities.
  • Click HERE for Volunteering opportunities.
  • To join or organize an Online Aid Group which allows members to share ideas, stay connected, and help others in need click HERE.


4. Small Business Help:

Many resources are available for small business owners, including SBA loans, debt-relief options, and grants.

  • For a complete list of Small Business Administration resources click HERE.
  • Congress passed the CARES Act to minimize the impact of the COVID pandemic.
  • To view information on the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) click HERE.
  • For a list of Loan Resources and SBA Guidance click HERE

Download This Printable Resource Guide HERE


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